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PTSD and Prior Exposure to Danger

It is now widely recognized that people with PTSD have
often been exposed to danger as children10–12 and that
those who later develop chronic PTSD have structural
changes in their brains.13 However, not everyone who
was exposed to childhood danger experiences either psy-
chological trauma in childhood or PTSD following
exposure to danger in adulthood.14 Indeed, the problem
is not danger per se; everyone experiences danger. The
issue is the fit of the threat to the children’s readiness to
protect and comfort themselves which in turn depends on
parents’ ability to modulate the threat.
We propose that children who have not been suffi-
ciently protected or comforted by their caregivers may
generate information processing shortcuts to reduce the
perception of vulnerability or increase their vigilance to
threat or both. When carried forward over time and com-
bined with reduced integrative correction, these can be
considered psychological traumas and yield vulnerability
to PTSD in adulthood.15 This vulnerability might be
recognized by the number and complexity of trauma-trig-
gering stimuli. We expected that other psychiatric dis-
orders would be associated with fewer and less complex
psychological traumas from childhood events.



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