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Narcissistic parent: dealing with a narcissistic parent yourself.

Being the child of a narcissistic mother or father is difficult, to say the least. Narcissistic parents expose their children to a lot of emotional, mental, and sometimes also physical abuse. The narcissistic parent uses a lot of mind games to get what he or she wants, to make a child feel guilty or ashamed for things he or she didn’t do, and to take credit for the child’s success.
On top of that, the narcissistic parent wears two masks: the one for the outside world, and the one for at home. For the outside world, the narcissistic parent usually comes across as being friendly, charming, and social. At home, however, the narcissistic parent shows a whole different side of him or herself. For a child, it’s confusing, frustrating, and very painful to see their narcissistic mother or father behave so different in public, because no-one will ever believe that this ‘wonderful person’ is such a horrible parent.



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