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Recovering from Childhood Neglect

The longterm effects of childhood neglect are many and serious. Have you fallen in and out of love with people who can’t love you back? Do you believe that you are essentially unlovable? If you never felt loved by your parents, you may not know what it really means to love and be loved. Are you unable to adequately take care of yourself or people you love? Maybe you were never taught how to take care of a home, prepare healthy meals, or manage your money. Are your easily frustrated by your kids and uncertain how to parent? If your parents never took care of you, you may feel clueless about how to take care of your own children. Do you find it difficult to empathize with others’ pain? Do others accuse you of being selfish and unfeeling? When a child has never had enough, be it food, or attention, or love, it’s hard for the adult he becomes to ever feel he has enough to share. If you were neglected as a child, you are not doomed. You don’t have to accept your early training that you are

Source: Recovering from Childhood Neglect



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