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Protecting the Child

Protecting the Child
If the child shows any bonding motivation toward the targeted parent, or even fails
to sufficiently reject the targeted parent, then the child is exposed to severe psychological
retaliation from the narcissistic/(borderline) parent. We cannot ask the child-hostage to
bond with the targeted parent until we are able to protect the child from retaliation by the
hostage-taker should the child cooperate with us to show any degree of bonding with the
targeted parent, or even for the child not to show complete rejection toward the targeted
parent. Unless we are able to protect the hostage, we cannot ask the hostage to defy the
will of hostage-taker. To do so would only expose the hostage to the retaliation of the

The first, critical step in any hostage situation, whether a physical hostage or a
psychological hostage, is to rescue the hostage and ensure the safety of the hostage from
retaliation. As long as we abandon the child to the hostage situation, and do not rescue the
child-hostage from the psychopathology of the hostage-taker, then the hostage must do
whatever is necessary to survive in the hostage situation.

Power and Hopelessness
The superior power of the hostage-taker, of the narcissistic/(borderline) parent, is
continually demonstrated to the child-hostage. The hostage-taker is far more powerful
than the other parent. The parental rights of the other parent can be entirely nullified and
Court orders can be disregarded with impunity. The other parent cannot even defend his
or her own relationship with the child against the power of the narcissistic/(borderline)
parent. The hostage-taker can intrude into the other parent’s time with the child and can
disrupt their relationship without consequence. And an allegation of child abuse against
the other parent, made directly by the hostage-taker or one that is induced to be made by
the child through the psychological influence and coercion of the hostage-taker, can
entirely disempower the other parent, so that the child is left entirely vulnerable and in the
control of the all-powerful narcissistic/(borderline) parent for months, and even for years,
while the other parent’s time with the child is severely restricted or placed on monitored
The narcissistic/(borderline) parent is clearly more powerful than the other parent,



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