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Beware – The Narcissist Wound

You have seen no greater wrath than a narcissist wound. When you take away a narcissist’s supply source, all Hell breaks loose! Make no mistakes; taking on a narcissist is no simple task. Prepare for battle; no, better yet, prepare for full on WAR. You know the saying, ‘there is no fury like a woman scorned,’ well, I contend that a woman scorned pales in comparison to a narcissist being told, ‘No,’ and losing a source of supply. There is no greater anger to come up against than when a source of narcissistic supply turns on their narcissist, trying to grasp a small fragment of what’s left of their self-esteem. Narcissistic supply to a narcissist is like food and water to a typical person. Due to a complicated set of early childhood attachment trauma, lack of healthy parental attunement, and a psychic ‘split,’ a narcissist develops. His psyche does not understand healthy human interconnection; early working models for healthy intimate interaction have been thwarted and damaged.

Source: Beware – The Narcissist Wound



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