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Those who need additional help to deal with loss and grief should see a psychotherapist who has training, a graduate degree, and supervision in the provision of mental health services. People who are proficient in conducting psychotherapy should provide the training. Helping someone deal with loss and grief requires special skills. It is not simply a matter of teaching people facts about parental alienation. I would be wary of seeing a therapist or counselor whose training to help formerly alienated children came exclusively from someone without such training and experience. While a therapist needs to understand the process of parental alienation in order to treat a victim of the process, the therapist needs to have a solid grounding in the nuances of working with patients and facilitating emotional recovery and behavior change. I know quite a few therapists who can assist adult children and their parents in reuniting, coming to terms with the past, and moving forward in their relationship. If you need a referral, email the request and let me know in what city you live.



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