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7 Tips to Help Restore a Fractured Parent/Child Relationship

1. Keep the lines of communication with your child open. Make phone calls, send emails, and send cards, postcards or letters. Never allow the child to believe that you are not thinking of them on a daily basis.

2. Maintain an interest in the child and what is going on in their life. Know who their friends are and what activities they are participating in. Participate in school activities such as parent/teacher conferences, school plays and eating lunch with the child on a regular basis. If you aren’t able to participate due to the physical distance between you and the child then communicate regularly with your child’s teachers. Request copies of report cards and school pictures.

Call and help your child do their homework and keep up with what subjects they are taking.

3. If your phone calls go un – answered continue to call. If the child does not respond to emails, cards and letters keep sending them. At least once a week, attempt to communicate with your child in some way. You will eventually get through to your child that you love him/her and aren’t going away. Allow your child to be angry but don’t allow the child’s anger to cause you to stop reaching out as a parent. Your constant show of love is the thing that will eventually break through that wall of anger.



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