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Parent Abuse: The Silent Crime

There are many writings, articles, and readings on the subject of abuse by a minor towards their parents. The majority of that abuse is physical and violent. But just as between spouses, verbal and emotional abuse is very common and very deadly. The protection of women against abusive husbands and boyfriends have gained ground and support through the years, but what has been said, and what protections have been given for mothers that are abused by their adult children? Not physically, but emotionally and verbally.

Most parents have difficulty accepting that their adult son or daughter is abusive and may deny that there is a problem. They often feel depressed, anxious, and ashamed that they “didn’t do the right thing”. Their despair interferes with their ability to regain leadership in their families. In addition, some parents feel it is not safe for them to attempt to control the situation it would only enrage their child more.



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