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It’s Easier To Project The Hate and Rage

“When a narcissistic parent experiences a great loss, such as a divorce, they do not feel normal grief like a typical person; rather, they experience a narcissistic wound to their fragile ego, which is manifested as anger and rejection of the other parent. The narcissist “splits” and makes the other parent all bad. When parental alienation occurs, it is because the narcissistic parent has implied to the child that the other parent is the “bad” parent and is the one causing the child’s pain. The child internalizes the narcissistic parent’s anger and resentment toward the other parent and also rejects the other parent.” The Recovery Expert

The sad fact that must be realized is that without expert therapy, the child or adult victim of an alienating parent may never be able to see how they were manipulated. It’s a bit like children raised by bigots–it doesn’t seem possible that another worldview is correct and that the hated group could possibly have any redeeming qualities.



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