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Part II. Coping with Alienation; What about Extended Family or Siblings? ::

Impact on Extended Family:   Consider grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins suddenly being cut off from the alienated child. They may have had a loving and affectionate relationship until the alienation was complete. Typically everyone who may “side” with the targeted parent is taken out of the picture. This is usually the targeted parent’s extended family but it may also occur with adult friends who may have known the child since they were born. Phone calls stop, family rituals shared together end, and extended family is left wondering what is happening. In some circumstances, the targeted parent’s family may blame them for the loss, wondering if there is some missing piece that they do not know. This adds salt to the wounds of the targeted parent. Some extended families will even declare themselves neutral but typically, this does not help to avoid the impending grief or the ultimate split within the family.


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