Posted in Parental Alienation & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Grandparent Alienation

Negative verbal

Negative nonverbal

Asking the child to report – spy

Exposing the child to too much information related to adult issues. This scares them, and places doubt about the value and safety of the alienated relative.

Extending a negative campaign to the extended family, and outside the family

Withhold affection

Avoid socializing with you

Does not allow you to express feelings

Blames you for problems…real or made up

Deny that their behavior is abusive, or minimize it by belittling you

Attempts to change or control you

Try to control you with lies or contradictions

Try to control with emotions

Demand to control a situation

Demand that you ask permission constantly

Gives away things you have presented to your grandchildren

Threaten to hurt you in some way

Feel parents place negative pressure on the situation



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