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Overview: psychological-wound-reduction goals and steps –

An overview of psychological-wound reduction for adult survivors of low-nurturance (traumatic) childhoods

     Psychologically-wounded people need to…

  • learn (a) about early-childhood abandonment, neglect, and abuse (trauma); and (b) how to recognize the psychological wounds these stressors usually cause (see Lesson 1, Parts 1 and 2);  and…
  • learn about personality subselves and how to harmonize them under the leadership of the wise resident true Self (“Inner-family therapy” – see Lesson 1, Part 3); and…
  • learn to apply communication, grieving, and relationship basics (Lessons 2 – 4);

      And committed recoverers need to…

  • evolve a clear understanding of high-nurturance families (Lesson 5), effective parenting (Lesson 6), and the [wounds + ignorance] cycle and what it means,

      People need to accumulate years of life experience to understand and validate these topics. Gauge your knowledge of them by taking these quizzes when you finish here,

      And GWCs also need…

Source: Overview: psychological-wound-reduction goals and steps –



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