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Tips on Setting Boundaries in Enmeshed Relationships

Healthy emotional and physical boundaries are the basis of healthy relationships. Enmeshed relationships, however, are bereft of these boundaries, according to Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, a national seminar trainer and psychotherapist who specializes in relationships. Whether it’s a relationship between family members, partners or spouses, limits simply don’t exist in enmeshed relationships, and boundaries are permeable. ‘People in enmeshed relationships are defined more by the relationship than by their individuality,’ said Rosenberg, also author of the book The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us. They depend on each other to fulfill their emotional needs, ‘to make them feel good, whole or healthy, but they do it in a way that sacrifices psychological health.’ In other words, ‘their self-concept is defined by the other person,’ and they ‘lose their individuality to get their needs met.’ For instance, an enmeshed relationship between a parent and child may

Source: Tips on Setting Boundaries in Enmeshed Relationships



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