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The Media and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression

t The cause of mental disorders such as depression
remains unknown. However, the idea that neurotransmitter
imbalances cause depression is vigorously promoted by
pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric profession at
large. We examine media reports referring to this chemical
imbalance theory and ask reporters for evidence supporting
their claims. We then report and critique the scientific papers
and other confirming evidence offered in response to our
questions. Responses were received from multiple sources,
including practicing psychiatrists, clients, and a major
pharmaceutical company. The evidence offered was not
compelling, and several of the cited sources flatly stated that
the proposed theory of serotonin imbalance was known to be
incorrect. The media can play a positive role in mental health
reporting by ensuring that the information reported is
congruent with the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Evidence of biological changes correlating with
environmental stressors is vastly different from evidence that
mental illnesses are “caused” by biological deficits. For
instance, a correlation between abnormal behavior and altered
brain activity does not necessarily imply that the behavior was
caused by a brain defect. There is a growing body of research
showing that biological changes could be due to environmental
stimuli. Take the hippocampus, a brain structure important
in learning and memory: It has been shown that chronic
psychological stress can reduce the size of the hippocampus,
and that, conversely, 3-D spatial relationship training leads to
enlargement of the hippocampus. As another example, a
recent meta-analysis found that 69% of the female patients
diagnosed as psychotic in over 70 studies had reported either
physical or sexual abuse. It is entirely possible that the women
in the study developed a chemical imbalance, but it would be
difficult to determine if their conditions resulted from genetic
defects or environmental stressors.



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