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10 Signs of Dysfunction: When Dysfunction Turns Evil | Caregivers, Family & Friends

I have listed 10 things I believe makes it difficult to trust, care for, live with, and help someone with delusional and paranoid thinking patterns. Some of these behaviors and actions include:

  1. Instilling fear and discomfort in others: Do you know anyone who gets a “rush” from instilling fear? Sociopaths and inconsiderate, heartless people are good examples. It’s sickening to think that there are humans in this world who feel good about causing others to fear them. But those who enjoy this are often wounded themselves in some fashion (spiritually, emotionally/psychologically, etc). But having compassion on these people can be a trap. It is often best to keep these individuals at a distance as many tend to lack empathy.
  2. Trying to control: Controlling individuals are not automatically “evil.” However, there are some controlling people who will go to extreme lengths to interrupt your life and peace of mind. They will become the agents of confusion and sometimes even intimidation all in an effort to gain some kind of control over you. Many domestic violence cases would apply here.
  3. Manipulating and calculating: The manipulative and calculating behaviors and mind-games of Charles Manson would characterize this kind of evil. His ability to use his charm, social intelligence, and mannerisms to convince, persuade, and then ultimately harm is frightening. It worked on thousands of people and sadly, he wasn’t caught until later in his life. Documentaries insinuate that his early childhood development may have been a contributing factor to his deep-rooted evil.



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