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Move Closer: Lessons For Those Seriously Interested in PA-UK

Karen Woodall:

We are fast approaching the end of 2017 and I thought it might be useful to round up the PA news in the UK, ahead of what is going to be a very big year.  As I do I am moving in closer to the issues which stand in the way of getting PA recognised as the child abuse issue it really is.  Let’s start with the politics.

PA is emphatically not about a child’s contact relationship with a parent after separation.  Let that sink in and I will say it again a different way.  PA is not about parental rights, it is not about conflict between parents and it is not about both parents behaving badly.

Lesson One.  With great respect, I would argue, that if the issue of parental alienation is left to the parental rights groups such as FNF, then the issue will never be recognised for…

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