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Does freemasonry live up to the charitable image it tries to portray?

We should demand a public register of Freemasons and members of The Order Of The Eastern Star (female Masons). This would comprehensively prove if they are a good charitable fraternity or a criminal organisation. Freemasonry portrays itself as all that it good so it should not have a problem with a public register.

You might know if a family member belongs to one of the organisations but what about your best friend or your neighbour? Lawyers, policemen, doctors, members of emergency services, military personnel, social services staff, politicians, judges, dentists, tradesmen, vets, council executives, postmen, religious leaders, care workers, etc, are all known to belong to Masonic lodges but are they doing good or are they abusing your trust? If you write to your local lodge and ask for a list of members we guarantee they will ignore you. If you make a Freedom of Information request, you will probably get the same result. If you get a positive result, take it to your local MP and ask if he is a Mason.

If you get nowhere, you will know for sure that everything we say is true. Next, you must knock on the door of your local lodge and ask them questions. Make sure you have a witness, voice recorder and video-cam. Ask them for details of their membership or about someone you suspect of being a member. They probably won’t tell you.



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