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Rule no 10. Christmas – Hobbies

I know it sounds crazy only a week before Christmas, but what better time to decide to take up a new interest or hobby. Whenever anyone asks you “what would you like for Christmas” you could ask for things related to you new hobby. If you don’t feel you can ask, you can always wait until the New Year Sales and purchase all your goodies at a reduced price.

Just think you could start 2018 with a brand new hobby or interest to look forward to. It could be something you could do and share with your children when you see them, or something that will give you the opportunity to meet new friends, or even a new partner!!

Over the years I have tried many things, Astronomy, Photography, Painting both water colour and oil, walking, music the lists goes on and on. Some of them I loved and met many new friends, some of them where just not for me, but if you don’t try you will never know.

The camera can really be your friend when travelling alone, you don’t feel conspicuous when behind the lens of a camera.

Astronomy is an alternative way to spend evenings outside with groups of people of all ages, a good one if you don’t like bars and clubs, and more often than not its a great deal more interesting than watching TV, and trawling the internet.

Both oil painting and water colours are things you can do both inside and out, away from home or on holiday. Painting is a great way to completely distract your mind from all those negative thoughts.

Think about it, how proud would your children be, how much enjoyment you would have sharing and teaching your children. You never know you could encouraging the next David Bailey, Picasso or Brian Edward Cox OBE

Astronomy Clubs in the UK

The list of UK astronomy clubs and societies. Find local clubs in your area.

The Royal Photographic Society – Home – RPS

The Royal Photographic Society exists to promote photography and image-making and to support photographers in realising their potential, irrespective of their level of knowledge, equipment or skills. The Society also acts as a public advocate for photography and photographers. About →. Upcoming Events More →. 18Dec.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Learn to Sew

Explore Your GenealogyWord Art 19

Or contact your local school or college for courses in your area.
My ambitions for 2018 are to gain my PADI certificate so I can dive anywhere in the world, and learning to fly.
Make 2018 a good one.





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