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Positive Thinking: A Foundation for Overcoming Depression

For those individuals struggling with major depression, life can seem like a dark cavern of despair. The hopelessness of their situation is continually reinforced by the pervasive negative thinking that dominates the space they occupy. Those negative thoughts continually pull the shades of darkness on their world and prevent the person from realizing the pleasures of life. The depressed person tends to minimize accomplishments and maximize failures. Asking a depressed person to simply ‘see the bright side of things’ is analogous to asking someone to view a beautiful picture in total darkness. However, if the person can be assisted to verbalize positive traits attributable to self, he or she may begin turning on the lights necessary to illuminate a path to recovery. Negative Thinking and Depression According to Beck (1991), negative automatic thoughts tend to arise in the person with depression without conscious awareness. When these negative thoughts become connected to events in

Source: Positive Thinking: A Foundation for Overcoming Depression



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