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APD – antisocial personality disorder

While the exact cause of antisocial personality disorder is unknown, genetic, environmental, and cultural factors may all play a role in its development.

People who are exposed to childhood trauma, whose parents have a personality disorder, or whose parents had an alcohol addiction appear to be more vulnerable to developing antisocial personality disorder. It also affects more men than women.

To diagnose a person with antisocial personality disorder, the individual must show the following symptoms:

  • making decisions based on one’s own needs and desires, without considering the needs of others
  • lacking concern for the needs, feelings, or pain of others, and lacking remorse after hurting others
  • exploiting others in relationships, making it difficult to have relationships
  • using lies, domination, or intimidation to control others
  • exhibiting manipulative behavior, including using charm or ingratiation for one’s own benefit
  • exhibiting dishonest or fraudulent behavior
  • not being concerned about how others feel; some people with antisocial personality disorder enjoy sadistic behavior, such as hurting others
  • feeling hostility, anger, or aggression, particularly in response to relatively small problems
  • lacking inhibitions, which may cause a person to disobey rules, abandon their commitments, or take unnecessary risks



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