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Clinical application of Attachment Theory:

Clinical application of Attachment Theory:
The Circle of Security approach
Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, Bob Marvin and Bert Powell
The Circle of Security project was born of a collaboration between attachment
research and psychotherapy practice, informed by object relations and family
systems. As the four of us joined forces, we began to bridge the gap between
the worlds of research and clinical practice. These worlds all too often spin in
their own discrete orbits. Initially, we used findings from attachment research
to train our eyes and to increase our understanding of the intricacies of parentchild
interaction. Over time, we began to apply the theory more directly.

We carefully studied videotapes of parent/child interactions and developed
observational skills and knowledge. As we began to recognise and gain an
understanding of specific patterns (such as avoidant and ambivalent
attachments in children, and preoccupied and dismissing states of mind in
caregivers) we enhanced our practice with individuals, couples and families.
These previously unseen patterns, which make up the bulk of care giving
behaviours, are procedural memories. When we act from procedural memories,
it does not feel like something is being remembered, and therefore these
patterns of behaviour often remain unconscious. Having access to the detailed
descriptions which attachment research has developed regarding these
unconscious procedures, we were able to design therapeutic interventions that
address specific interactional strengths and defensive struggles. Similarly,
emerging research findings on disorganised attachment highlight the negative
outcomes of disorganisation and led us to focus our interventions on the
known factors of these fear-based attachments.



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