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Personality Disorders


  • Personality trait
    • enduring patterns of behavior exhibited in a wide range of personal contexts
  • Personality disorder
    • pervasive, inflexible, extreme, maladaptive personality trait causing impaired functioning or subjective distress
    • ego syntonic
      • patient has limited awareness of disorder
    • course is usually stable by early adulthood
    • not usually diagnosed in children
Cluster A Personality Disorders
  • Characterization
    • “weird”
    • odd or eccentric
    • no meaningful social relationships
    • no psychosis
    • genetic association with schizophrenia
  • Types
    • paranoid
      • excessive distrust and suspiciousness
    • schizoid 
      • voluntary social withdrawal
        • content with social isolation (vs. avoidant)
      • limited emotional expression
    • schizotypal 
      • eccentric appearance
      • odd beliefs or magical thinking
Cluster B Personality Disorders
  • Characterization
    • “wild”
    • dramatic, emotional, or erratic
    • genetic association with mood disorders and substance abuse
  • Types
    • antisocial 
      • disregard for and violation of rights of others with lack of remorse
      • criminality
      • males > females
      • conduct disorder if < 18 years
      • commonly known as “psychopathy”
      • classic triad
        • set fires, torture animals, bed wetting
    • borderline 
      • unstable interpersonal relationships
      • impulsivity
      • sense of emptiness
      • fear of abandonment
      • females > males
      • splitting is a major defense mechanism
        • relationships are either all good (“my boyfriend is a perfect angel”) or all bad (“my boyfriend is evil and I hate him”)
      • self-mutilation
    • histrionic 
      • excessive emotionality and attention-seeking
      • sexually provocative
      • overly concerned with appearance
      • think “telenovelas”
    • narcissistic 
      • grandiosity
      • need for admiration
      • sense of entitlement
        • demands “the best”
      • lacks empathy
      • reacts to criticism with rage
Cluster C Personality Disorders
  • Characterization
    • “worried”
    • anxious or fearful
    • genetic association with anxiety disorders
  • Types
    • avoidant  
      • hypersensitive to rejection
      • socially inhibited
      • feelings of inadequacy
      • desires relationships with others (vs. schizoid)
    • obsessive-compulsive 
      • preoccupation with order, perfectionism, and control
      • ego syntonic
        • vs. OCD which is ego dystonic
    • dependent 
      • submissive and clingy
      • excessive need to be taken care of
      • low self-confidence



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