Don’t negotiate with emotional blackmailers.

Use Your Damn Skills


Don’t negotiate with emotional blackmailers.

There is a sizable subset of people out there who wish to control what you think, feel, and do.

Sometimes they have the best intentions— they might be family, or friends, or professionals who honestly think they have a better way for you to exist than the way you would otherwise live, left to  your own devices.

Sometimes they have self-interested intentions— they’re selling a product or service that purports to increase the pleasant feeling states and decrease the painful feeling states in your life.

And, yes, there is a subset of people who will seek to control you simply because that’s what they do. They like controlling people.

Whatever other peoples’ reasons for wanting to control what you think, feel, and do, there tend to be some consistencies about their methodology. The most striking feature of how they do what they do is, they…

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