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Burnout in Mental Health Professionals

As helping professionals, we are trusted with some of our clients’ deepest, darkest secrets. Each day, we are subjected to the heart-wrenching stories and the immensely difficult life situations of the individuals who come to us seeking change and relief. It is impossible for any helping professional to know what our clients will bring through our door. In this sense, the only constant in our line of work is vicissitude, or variance. Stories compounded by grief, loss, sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and turmoil are not foreign to us as mental health professionals. Given how we are exposed to such types of stories and information on a day-to-day basis, it goes without saying that if we do not properly care for ourselves, we can become prone to many types of health issues. These can include burnout, compassion fatigue, heart issues (Schneider, 1984), depression and suicidal ideation (Schneider, 1984), compromised immune systems, headaches, stomach problems, and other

Source: Burnout in Mental Health Professionals



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