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Loss of neo-cortical or frontal lobe functioning:

The frontal lobes are located behind the front of the forehead. The frontal lobes include sophisticated processes that help us control our impulses and make decisions or plan. It includes higher-order processes which include thinking and weighing pros and cons of a behavior. It is also the “seat” of our personality. When neo-cortical functioning is defective or limited, you are likely to observe impulsive, immature, and uncontrolled thinking processes. Kids with ADHD struggling with controlling their impulses and paying attention for long periods of time. Trauma victims also struggle with these things and are likely to be diagnosed with ADHD or ADD at some point. Teens who display oppositional behaviors and conduct disorder are behaving as they are because of limitations of this part of the brain. In fact, the brain does not fully develop until around age 24. Until then, behaviors are likely to be uncontrolled, impulsive, or poor in some individuals. Trauma, abuse, neglect, etc can all add to the chaos.



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