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From Blame to Healing

Applying systems analysis to victimization, the following assumptions arise:

  • Victimization, like violence, is not genetically programmed.
  • Victimization, as discussed in this paper, happens within a context of relationship and a certain environment or culture. Hence, each participant’s behavior must be understood within the context of the relationship and its legal, economical, political, and social context.
  • Participants in the victims-victimizers-bystanders dynamic assume (mainly unconsciously mutually dependant and complementary roles.
  • Intervention or change in the system can be initiated at any time, by any participant. Any change in behavior by one of the participants is likely to affect the others’ behavior and may lead to a different outcome.
  • The interaction within the victimizer-victim-environment can lead to violence or to other options, such as non-violent or peaceful resolution. The non-violent options will alter the victim and victimizer roles, and may include termination of the relationship.
  • Cultures can promote victim-victimizer, violent, or blame systems, or they can promote respectful relationships among its members who in turn make a sound commitment to resolve conflicts non-violently.



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