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Why does a healing Journey begin with Pain?

I would like to tell you something in confidence: I’m still on a healing journey. I’m still healing my own wounds from my own life while doing my best for that of the people around me; that includes you. As far as I know, I’ll be on a healing journey for the rest of my life. As the saying goes, the journey is as important as the objective. And if the journey is about healing pain, what’s left as the objective?

As I child, I recall how my school system taught us to live with and understand pain: The pains of learning, the pains of growing, the pains of trying to be what others want us to be, but wanting to be more. For example, they taught us the pains of Nathan Hale with the objective of teaching sacrifice in the name of freedom. They taught us the pains of Martin Luther King with the objective of fighting for equality. They taught us the pains of Hiawatha with the objective of gaining brotherhood between the nations.

If the mainstream school system (at the time) taught me anything important, that is to fight for what you believe in, no matter the pain. So, here I am trying to show you how there’s more to you than mainstream society would have you believe. Here I am to fight for that part of humanity that mainstream culture derides, devalues, and prefers to ignore. Here I am fighting for those facets of humanity that should have propelled us into the true space decades ago. Besides freedom, equality, and fraternity, there is one more human facet that (should) bind all of us together as an entire planet: Our Spirituality (i.e. Our Psychic Connections.)



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