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For people that have been allegedly brainwashed a process that reverses it is referred to as deprogramming.  This process is very controversial and considered by many to be a very risky process.  It primarily begins with the person being deprogrammed participating in an involuntary manner.  It has often been referred to as an intervention.  When people believe that a person has been brainwashed by a certain political, social, religious, or economic group it is believed that they need to be deprogrammed in order to get them to once again become productive members of society.  Professionals who are considered to be anti-cult or counter-cult typically will engage in voluntary deprogramming.  This is then referred to as exit counseling – in other words, a mean to “bring back” an individual from a detrimental situation that he or she cannot leave willingly, or simply to regain control of one’s life and actions.



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