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Social Reward Questionnaire— Adolescent Version and its association with callous–unemotional traits

During adolescence, social interactions are a potent source
of reward. However, no measure of social reward value
exists for this age group. In this study, we adapted
the adult Social Reward Questionnaire, which we had
previously developed and validated, for use with adolescents.
Participants aged 11–16 (n = 568; 50% male) completed the
Social Reward Questionnaire—Adolescent Version (SRQ-A),
alongside measures of personality traits—five-factor model
(FFM) and callous–unemotional (CU) traits—for construct
validity purposes. A confirmatory factor analysis of the SRQ-A
supported a five-factor structure (Comparative Fit Index = 0.90;
Root Mean Square Error of Approximation = 0.07), equating
to five questionnaire subscales: enjoyment of Admiration,
Negative Social Potency, Passivity, Prosocial Interactions and
Sociability. Associations with FFM and CU traits were in line
with what is seen for adult samples, providing support for
the meaning of SRQ-A subscales in adolescents. In particular,
adolescents with high levels of CU traits showed an ‘inverted’
pattern of social reward, in which being cruel is enjoyable and
being kind is not. Gender invariance was also assessed and was
partially supported. The SRQ-A is a valid, reliable measure of
individual differences in social reward in adolescents



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