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So how do we make that behavior illegal?

Answer to a recent question posted on my site:

Making the behavior illegal wont change anything, I have been down the legal route for over 8 years at a cost of 33,000 pounds over 26 years ago!!!!

The system has to change, lawyers, social workers, doctors and teachers need to be educated and recognize PA instead of sticking their heads in the sand.

There are too many enablers and bystanders !!!

Relatives, friends, social workers, doctors and teachers could make the change by stepping in and talking with the alienated child/ adult alienated child by supporting them and encouraging them to think for themselves and to seek therapy from a qualified professional who understands the dynamics of PA. These are the people who spend more time with the alienated child/adult than any other, they could make the difference if they wanted to.

Going down the legal route is a no win situation, the only winner will be solicitors, barristers and judges etc.




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