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How a Personality of a Psychopath Develops

It’s unclear exactly how the personality of a psychopath develops but it is known that some circumstance in childhood can increase the likelihood of psychopathology but also some brain and genetic abnormalities also play a part. It is possible that the following are environmental factors that may put a child at risk for developing a psychopathic personality:

  • Negative parenting focusing on punishment and on a lack of rewards or inconsistent parenting
  • Other types of poor parenting
  • A lack of parental involvement
  • Having an antisocial (sociopathic) or psychopathic parent
  • Parental substance use
  • Separation from a parent
  • Child physical abuse or neglect

Of course, few children who experience these factors will develop into psychopaths as other neurocognitive factors must also be present. It is likely, though, that if a child experiences these risk factors and shows psychopathic tendencies as a child, there is a good chance they will grow up into an adult psychopath if intervention is not sought.



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