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“Parental Alienation” Who brainwashes children? Sadly, some parents do.

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My little brother grew up having a ball with a cousin in the 70’s and 80’s during the hey-day of “video cameras”, making fake commercials a’la “Saturday Night Live” and playing with “Inspector Gadget”.

Where is this cousin, brother, friend, grandson, nephew, and son my family hasn’t seen in years?  ALIENATED, a victim of parental brainwashing.

Much like a sick, obsessed lover who in essence says, “If I can’t have them, NOBODY can”, the sick parent kills the child, but only on the INSIDE so no one can see.

My husband had custody of his daughter every other week for ten years; no “weekend parent”.  When my husband (with the blessing of his ex) decided to go back to school in 2010 after losing his business in Dallas through no fault of his own, he moved to West Texas.  I soon followed after my teaching year was completed.

“Parental Alienation”…

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