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Estrangement prompt

Parental Alienation

Writing prompt from EachStory

  9/17: Does mental illness & substance abuse play a role in your estrangement? How so?

I suppose every estrangement between a parent and a child would have some form of mental illness braided between them.

My dad.  I have to catch my language these days.  Words mean so much to me.  When I refer to my parents I say Mom or Dad, not my mom or my dad.  They belong to no one, they are too strong to own.  They encompass the entire genre of parent until there could only be one mom and one dad.  As Mom or as Dad, they are more powerful than anyone I could lay claim to.  As my mom or my dad, they have no capital letters.  Like everyone else’s parents, they are pieces of a whole.

Except not entirely.  My dad is not connected to anyone.  The diagnosis given…

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