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Freedom Of Information Request Calls Out NSPCC’s ‘Reckless’ Child Neglect Campaign

Researching Reform

A Freedom Of Information request produced by a child rights activist has called out children’s charity the NSPCC for what it suggests is a reckless and less than upfront campaign designed to influence child protection policy.

Michele Simmons was reading an article which claimed that there was a sharp rise in child neglect cases, when she decided to search online for more information. What she discovered were over twenty strikingly similar articles all referencing statistics from the NSPCC, individually tailored for the readers of each regional publication.

A piece published in The Nottingham Post for example, cites NSPCC statistics for the area, claiming that the charity refers more than two cases of child neglect in Nottingham a week. In another look-alike story, The Oxford Times references NSPCC data which claims that three reports of child neglect a week are passed on to the police in the Oxford area.

All but one piece…

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3 thoughts on “Freedom Of Information Request Calls Out NSPCC’s ‘Reckless’ Child Neglect Campaign

  1. Hi, just found your website from Researching Reform.
    Do you class children being unlawfully cut off from contact as part of PA ?


    1. Also,
      in light of Local authorities claiming children should always have an independent voice, do you think its right that a Social worker should deny NYAS access to a child and the reason given was “im not comfortable with that idea” ?


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