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Entitled Children

We appear to be living in an entitled world!!!

I have been reading with interest the comments on ITV This morning after the showing of  Grandparents forbidden from seeing their grandchildren | This Morning.

It saddens me that some of the comments mention that some grandparents do not deserve to be grandparents because of what they do not do!!! Nothing to do with what they may have done to deserve this.

Adult children expect parents to help them out financially, pay for things they claim they cannot afford, look after their children whilst they go on stag and hen nights or luxury weekend breaks. They seem to forget that most parents have spent a lifetime looking after their children financially, emotionally and more.

When these grandparents decide to have a life for themselves and go on holiday and spend their hard earned cash on a few luxuries for themselves, they are accused of being selfish and uncaring.

If these grandparents object to looking after their grandchildren on the odd occasion they are accused of neglect.

So the question of “Do grandparents have a right to see their grandchildren?” should not be decided on how many bills they are prepared to pay, or how many times they should have to look after their grandchildren, or the parents using the grandchildren as a weapon against their own parents.

How things have changed over the years, what happened to respect for your parents and grandparents, caring for your elderly parents, taking time out to look after your parents??

Its an entitled world full of entitled children, what have we taught our own children to be?






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