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The lives of others: Psycho-Genealogy and Parental Alienation

Working with families where alienation strikes, the concept of family, how it is configured, and what it brings in terms of messages to our children is a core element of what we do at the Family Separation Clinic. Some of what we discussed in our training and our webinar was drawn from ‘Psycho-Genealogy’ a therapeutic framework that we use to understand the way in which alienation reactions have arisen in families. Psycho-Genealogy is something that I am using in my own research work, as well as therapeutically with parents and it is a powerful tool for understanding how trauma patterns of behaviour can be transmitted through the generations. One of my big suspicions, evidenced by the work that I do with families, is that an alienated child is very much at risk of becoming an alienated parent when the time comes. How this experience is affected by the internalised experience of being parented is what I am currently examining.

Karen Woodall

This week we have been travelling and training as well as broadcasting to the world.  In St Helier,  the Jersey Centre for Separated Families was hosting a training day for a fantastic new group of volunteers.   On a baking hot day, we worked with another amazing group of people, developing more support to parents on the island who are experiencing separation and the problems that it brings to adults and children alike.

On Sunday evening, from our hotel bedroom, to an audience drawn from across the globe, we discussed alienation and the role of domestic violence on a webinar for Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation (PAAO). Throughout all of our work this week we have been meeting families and people who care about them.

Families and the people who live in them are the whole of what we do when we work with family separation and the problems that arise…

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