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Psychogenealogy…What is it?

Psychology. Genealogy. We all know what these are but what does it mean when you put these two seemingly unrelated topics together into a whole new concept? A recent interview with Jason Kelly Thompson, expert and professor of psychogenealogy, explains more about this and how it can affect each and every one of us.

Psychogenealogy isn’t exactly a well-known practice in the United States. The concept was founded by Carl Jung of Switzerland who was the first person to recognize connections between the person and their ancestors beyond the typical family tree with names and dates in their genealogy.

Jason Kelly Thompson specializes in Psychogenealogy and Biological Decoding which looks at the family tree for specific illnesses or traits. It is believed that some people have a subconscious awareness of issues that have been passed on from their ancestors. The idea is that the soul of a family issue is something that hasn’t been resolved yet within generations. The “issue” of the ancestor is passed down for the descendant to resolve. This may be manifested in a person’s DNA but it’s more of a symptom and not a cause. It’s believed this can go as far back as seven generations.



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