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Healing the Abandonment Wound

The abandonment wound seems to be an under-represented area in mental health. Just like complex trauma is not listed as a diagnosis in the DSM, neither is abandonment mentioned as a cause for some of the mental illness issues experienced by people. I often write about narcissistic abuse. One thing I noticed about narcissistic abuse is that it can cause an abandonment wound in the victim. Oftentimes people think of abuse as involving some sort of physical, verbal, or sexual violation; however, many victims of abuse are not even yelled at. Some victims of abuse are simply neglected and ignored. Not many people in the helping professions address the injury caused by rejection or desertion. Emotional abandonment is the result of a significant person discarding you, dismissing you, devaluing you, or not acknowledging you. This type of invisible injury causes great harm to the recipient. In fact, the term ‘recipient’ is ironic because often the recipient receives nothing; which is the

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2 thoughts on “Healing the Abandonment Wound

  1. One million percent agree! My main trauma is from having a narcissistic mother who totally emotionally abandoned me and I too write about that a lot. My therapist seemed to know my issues were abandonment/attachment related very quickly. It needs more press for sure! X


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