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Hearing Voices and Psychiatry’s (Real) Medical Model

Most psychiatrists and psychologists are taught that engaging the voices is foolish and dangerous and that their content is random and meaningless. — Reader’s comment posted on STAT 1 Introduction Let’s say you are seeing a recently-bereaved woman in her 60s, whose husband died suddenly two weeks ago. Her response to the loss is consistent with grief, and she doesn’t fit DSM-5 criteria for a major depressive episode. However, she is anxious and alarmed because, as she puts it, ‘I heard my husband’s voice, clear as a bell, just as I was going to bed like he was right there in the room with me! Am I going crazy, doctor?’ As a psychiatrist, you are familiar with normal bereavement, you reassure the patient that auditory or visual hallucinations of the deceased loved one are often experienced during acute grief — and that this is not a sign of psychopathology. 2 And yet, one of the enduring myths about psychiatrists is that we rigidly apply ‘the medical model’ to persons who ‘hear

Source: Hearing Voices and Psychiatry’s (Real) Medical Model



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