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When friends abandon you in times of need.

When friends abandon you in times of need.I’m really not referring to how I often feel about the loss of my loving husband, though I certainly have asked that question, if not aloud, then in my heart more times than I can say. What I’m talking about are people who walked away when my husband was diagnosed with dementia. Walked away and stayed away even after his death. It was not just one or two people, but nearly every colleague and spouse we had considered good friends over the course of my husband’s long career. The phenomenon is not unique to my life situation. I have heard similar stories from others…that people who they thought would be a support during tough times, disappeared. I’m not sure what that life lesson is all about. Perhaps it’s only to redefine the word, ‘friend.’ I’ve heard it said that grief rearranges your address book. It did mine.



Living the dream in SW France-Retired Love Swimming, Rambling, Labrador's, Pilates, Photography, Astronomy, Reiki, Travelling. Currently studying Psychology, and member of NAAP. I believe in truth, honesty, karma and integrity! KEEPING IT REAL - No one likes someone who lies and lives a different life on social media than they do in real life. ≧◔◡◔≦

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