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Welcome to The Childress Institute

The current focus of The Childress Institute is to provide Training & Certification for mental health and legal professionals in an attachment-based model of “parental alienation” (AB-PA).  Training & Certification Seminars are held bi-annually in Southern California and by contract with The Childress Institute.

Mission Statement

To use the latest scientific knowledge in the fields of child development and the healthy neuro-development of the brain during childhood to create solutions for the social, emotional, and psychological challenges facing children and their families.

Current Focus: Parental Alienation in High-Conflict Divorce

Creating the solution to the attachment-related family pathology of “parental alienation” in high-conflict divorce by providing Training & Certification to mental health and legal professionals in an attachment-based model of “parental alienation” (AB-PA).

Future Projects & Directions of The Childress Institute

The Terrorist Mind & the Extremism of Pathological Anger:

Developing an attachment-based understanding of the terrorist mind, pathological hatred, and fanatical extremism, with the goal of developing primary and secondary treatment interventions to resolve the social and psychological attachment-related trauma pathology that creates the terrorist mind and the extremism of pathological anger.

Developmentally Supportive Parenting, ADHD, and Foster Parenting:

Providing education and training in developmentally supportive parenting for all parents and all families, with a special focus on providing education and training in relationship-based parenting that can effectively resolve the symptoms of attention deficits, impulsivity, and hyperactive behavior in children through non-medication relationship-based parenting approaches.  Incorporate the latest scientific advances in child development, trauma, and the socio-developmental role of parenting into providing parent training and education  support for foster parents.

Redeveloping Education Infrastructure:

Providing conceptual leadership in developing a model for foundationally reformulating the educational approach for children in the United States away from the current 12th Century “Cathedral School” model toward a 22nd Century education model based in the current scientific research on child development, the scientific research on childhood learning, and the now-available advances in the full-range of supportive information technologies and media.

Reduction of Prison Recidivism:

Intervention development and research into catalytic change models for reducing the trauma-impacted mindset that leads to recifivism in released prisoners and juvenile offenders.

The Childress Institute Internationale:

The Childress Institute Internationale is an overseas extension of the vision and mission of the Childress Institute.

The Terrorist Mind & the Extremism of Pathological Anger:

This future division of The Childress Institute Internationale represents an extension of of the U.S. Terrorist Mind and Pathological Anger division of The Childress Institute into the European and South-East Asian regions, examining the attachment trauma origins of the terrorist mind and the extremism of pathological anger in these socio-cultural contexts.

The Socio-Trauma and Attachment-Related Origins of International Conflict:

This future division of The Childress Institute Interntionale will consist of two components,

Origins: An examination of the origins of international conflict in the history of socio-cultural and attachment-related trauma;

Resolution: The resolution of the propensity for and risk of inter-ethnic and inter-nation conflict through socio-psychological Development intervention responses to the socio=historical psychological trauma that are aimed at resolving the socio-psychological sequelae of attachment-related trauma (as identified in the Origins component of the project).


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