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The Solution: The Return to Professional Practice

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

In two previous blog posts (The Solution: The Requirements and The Solution: AB-PA Meets the Requirements) I describe how the diagnostic model of AB-PA will solve the pathology.

In this post I’m going to describe the paradigm shift that needs to occur to solve the pathology of “parental alienation.”

As a foundational premise, I want to highlight a post by Jason Hofer to my Facebook page that provides a spot-on accurate description of the solution offered through AB-PA.

Jason 100% sees it.

“AB-PA is not the solution. The PAS mindset is “one model to solve them all,” but that is not what AB-PA brings to the table.

The solution is the psychological knowledge behind AB-PA.  Attachment theory, family systems theory, personality disorders, all of it.  When a therapist has all of that knowledge they can use all of it to make whatever diagnosis is necessary, whether it leads…

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