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“He’s your problem now.”

Some psychopaths are capable of keeping the charade going for a long time years, even as long as you are useful to them. Although you may sense that something is not right, you may not be able to pinpoint that the person is engaging in manipulation and deceit. You may doubt yourself, because your partner seems to want you so much.

Meeting the family

Some families of psychopathic individuals will tell you about their disturbing behavior but some won’t.

The family may be actually clueless about the true nature of his or her personality, especially if they live far away.

Or, even worse, the family may know about antisocial or abusive behavior, and withhold that information. Sometimes the motivation may be innocent they’re hoping you are the person who will get their relative straightened out.

Other times, however, they know all about the person’s deficiencies, but they want you to take the person off their hands. In my research for my book, Red Flags of Love Fraud, one woman told me that on her wedding day, the mother of the groom came up to her and said, “He’s your problem now.” ( I have heard this phrase before!!!)

And if your partner is estranged from his or her family, or doesn’t allow you to meet the family, it could be another warning sign that he or she has something to hide.



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