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Are you being accused of being a psychopath?

If your ex partner or your estranged/alienated children are accusing you of being a  psychopath, what they are really saying is that your children and grandchildren and other family members are psychopaths!!!!!

“Is psychopathy is inherited? It is, but not directly like people would think. It is not the same as though you are delivering cystic fibrosis down your line where each parent being a carrier brings forth a one and four chance of the disease. It is something that can skip generations for a good number and then come back around”

Psychopathy can run in families – a possible warning for you

Highly genetic

Psychopathy is highly genetic. What that means is that a person can be born with a predisposition, a genetic risk, to develop a psychopathic personality disorder.

Warning signs among the relatives

If you hear about any of the following regarding your partner’s blood relatives, pay attention:

• Criminal behavior
• Abusive behavior
• Domestic violence
• Any kind of violence
• Diagnosis of antisocial or narcissistic personality disorder, or psychopathy
• Multiple short-term romantic partners
• Scams or other financial crimes
• Drug or alcohol addictions
• Child molestation
• Prison sentences


Of course, it is very possible for a person with a normal ability to love and a conscience to be born into a family that has psychopaths. In fact, many Lovefraud readers, who are themselves empathetic, have realized that one or both of their parents are psychopaths.

Is Psychopathy Genetic?

There appears to be a strong genetic component to an individual’s capacity to experience empathy, guilt, and remorse.

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