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Deflection is a conversational control tactic

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2 thoughts on “Deflection is a conversational control tactic

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    Deflection, by definition, is a Narcissistic Abuse tactic used to frustrate and psychologically control the mind and emotions of a targeted victim.

    Deflecting an argument by refusing to engage with the subject matter at hand is an age-old trick Cluster B people use on others and strive to teach their offspring to enjoy as a conversational game or strategic thinking habit.

    It is typically used by Machiavellian people prone to gaslighting preferred scapegoat targets and virtually anyone who will listen to the manipulative and socially domineering speaker, this is a particular (overtly aggressive but socially passive) Narcissistic Abuse tactic.


    Because anyone who engages in a battle of wits with a deflector is likely to walk away from the argument or conversation attempt feeling nothing but brutalized psychologically and emotionally.

    One simply has to accept the very real fact that if you wrestle with a pig you are going to get muddy… and what’s more, the pig is actually likely to LIKE it.

    Avoid, avoid, avoid! Deny, deny, deny!

    Deflection is the art of mixing gaslighting with changing the subject to the point that whoever was foolish enough to care about what the Deflector had to say is likely to end up scratching their head, crying, or simply not caring anymore about trying to debate a pertinent issue when and if they walk away.

    It is a conversational control method, plain and simple. It is highly effective if and when an abuse target fails to realize what the slippery hospitality abuser is actually striving to achieve when and if they stonewall and strive to use it.

    When and if a person chooses to deflect a question or to strive to take a conversation off topic with irrelevant data, they tend to physically cause sensations of confusion, angst, and frustration in their victimized listeners.

    One must be cautious around any person or peer group that advocates for or routinely practices using the technique during any argument or casual conversation. It is a major red flag that whoever chooses to do it has a covert agenda to abuse their listeners.

    A successful deflection takes conversational control away from a speaker. The person deflecting is an intentional Abuser.

    When any socially abusive or aggressive person strives to take the focus away from a legitimate topic, they tend to treat it like a game.

    If they can frustrate or confuse a verbal assault target by barraging them with word salad and blatant refusal to answer direct questions in a clear and direct manner, they tend to enjoy a hyper-adrenalized state that causes them to feel an actual endorphin rush of pleasure


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