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Through the Gendered Lens Darkly

Karen Woodall

I am reading today, a report from  research undertaken by CAFCASS and Women’s Aid on the nature of allegations of domestic violence in the UK Family Courts.  This report on a study of 216 cases, is problematic in so many ways, that it is difficult to know where to begin in determining the damaging impact upon families this may have.

What is most concerning is that Women’s Aid are known to have a political agenda, whilst CAFCASS are supposed to be delivering a state funded and therefore non political service.  This therefore, is an uneasy partnership in terms of research because CAFCASS have given access to its records to an agency which is known to interpret research through a politically driven lens.  This leads one to wonder how much this report can be taken seriously given that it is so skewed by the agenda of women’s rights.  When the research…

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