The Enabling Allies of the Pathogen

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

The pathogen has three defensive structures:

1.)  Remain hidden;

2.)  Seek allies;

3.)  Attack threats of exposure with great viciousness.

I want to talk about the second defensive structure, seek allies.  There are several types of allies that the pathogen recruits.

Ignorant Activating Allies:  The most obvious allies that the pathogen enlists are the ignorant and incompetent mental health persons who actively collude the pathology because of their profound professional ignorance and incompetence.

The pathogen seeks ignorance, and turns ignorance into an ally.  That’s key to remember.

Pathological Activating Allies:  In some cases, these mental health allies move from being just plain ignorant and incompetent allies into being pathological allies who are vicariously working through their own childhood trauma histories through their collusion with the false trauma-narrative of the alienation: “abusive parent”/”victimized child”/”protective parent.”

In professional psychology, this is called the therapist’s own “counter-transference” (the patient has “transference”…

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