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The Psychopath (Antisocial)

Stalking is a crime and stalkers are criminals.

A 1997 Review Paper titled “Stalking (Parti) An Overview of the Problem”,
Karen M. Abrams, MD, FRCPC1, Gail Erlick Robinson, MD, DPsych, FRCPC2,
define stalking thus:

“Stalking, or criminal harassment, is defined as the ‘wilful, malicious, and repeated
following or harassing of another person ‘, usually requiring a ‘credible threat of violence’ against the victim or the victim ‘s family

Many criminals suffer from personality disorders – most prevalently, the
Antisocial Personality Disorder, formerly known as “psychopathy”. Co-morbidity
– a “cocktail” of mental health disorders – is frequent. Most stalkers abuse
substances (alcohol, drugs) and are prone to violence or other forms of aggression.

The psychopath fails to comply with social norms. Hence the criminal acts, the
deceitfulness and identity theft, the use of aliases, the constant lying, and the conning of even his nearest and dearest for gain or pleasure. Psychopaths are
unreliable and do not honour their undertakings, obligations, contracts, and

Many psychopaths are outright bullies . Michigan psychologist Donald B. Saunders
distinguishes between three types of aggressors: “family -only”, “generally violent”
(most likely to suffer from APD), and the “emotionally volatile”.



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