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Coping with Stalking and Stalkers


Stalkers are not made of one cloth. Some of them are psychopaths, others are
schizoids, narcissists, paranoids, or an admixture of these mental health disorders.
Stalkers harass their victims because they are lonely, or because it is fun (these are
latent sadists), or because they can’t help it (clinging or co-dependent behaviour),
or for a myriad different reasons.

The standard – and good – advice is to avoid all contact with your stalker, to ignore
him, even as you take precautions. But being evaded only inflames the stalker’s
wrath and enhances his frustration. The more he feels sidelined and stonewalled,
the more persistent he becomes, the more intrusive and the more aggressive.

It is essential, therefore, to first identify the type of abuser you are faced with.

(1) The Erotomaniac

(2) The Narcissist

(3) The Paranoid

(4) The Antisocial (Psychopath)



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