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What is a smear campaign?

What is a narcissistic smear campaign? If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to be targeted by a malignant narcissist, then you already know what it is. For those of you who don’t know, a smear campaign is when the narcissist attempts to cause you problems, turn other people against you, and basically ruin your life with lies. They might tell other people you are crazy, that you are abusive, that you are a whore, that you are a drug user, a bad parent… whatever is the exact opposite of what you actually are. It’s important to pay attention to exactly which lies they are telling, because these lies typically reveal their underlying rationale. Whatever they are trying to destroy about you is the thing they are jealous of.

For example: If they are telling everyone you are a bad parent, it is because the narcissist sees you as a better parent than they are. This cannot be permitted, so they attempt to destroy that perception of you. If they are saying you are abusive, this is because they know they are the abusive one. They are attempting to hide that fact by destroying the possibility that anyone could see you as the victim. They also would dearly love to be the victim—but they know they are not. So they lie.



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